The East-West Nexus: An Innovation Challenge

Ignite Innovation

Business Compeition

January 16-23, 2017 | Singapore & Quanzhou

1 Conference    2 Cities    3 Industries    1,000,000 Innovative Solutions

Launched by Harvard scholars and cultural conservation experts, the Ignite Youth Conference is a bi-annual forum that examines Chinese cultural identity and traditional heritage through the lens of Western academic approaches. Our Innovation Challenge, which takes place during the Winter Conference, is the first of its kind to bring the model of Harvard Business School style case study simulation to high school students in Asia.

In our upcoming Winter Conference, You’ll take a peek at the past in Singapore through heritage trails to learn more about maritime trade, then engage with your contemporaries in Quanzhou as we examine three local industries.

Why Join?
  • Solve a real-life business problem.
  • Learn about how Chinese companies innovate in a global market.
  • Meet and collaborate with students from all over Asia.
  • Receive expert, professional coaching for your case competition.
  • Learn how to write and present a business case proposal.
  • Get an opportunity to intern in one of the top companies in Quanzhou.
Important Dates:
October 8, 2016: Application Round 1 Opens
November 1, 2016: Application Round 2 Opens
November 15, 2016: Application Round 3 Opens
December 15, 2016: Application Closes
December 30, 2016 Registration Closes
January 16, 2017: Conference Begins